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Authentic. Boundless.


Two musicians simply wanted to help artists

and content creators get paid instantly. 

What they discovered is that their simple

and elegant ideas unlocked potential

for enterprise applications for the world.

Our Expertise

Our core leadership team has over 50+ years of distinctive experience including publishing, marketing, distribution, and legal, garnering appreciable success in the music industry (education; performance awards; industry representation) and within the commercial entrepreneurial industry.

Our Commitment to Results

Blarecast Systems is committed to ensuring that our products will work efficiently, smoothly, and at scale in the background, without changing the User Experience your customers are already familiar with. 

Our Philosophy

Authenticity. Creativity. Collaboration.

This is the very heartbeat of Blarecast Systems. 

We find that bridging gaps, making long-lasting connections, and remaining open to the ever-changing face of industry and enterprise is what makes Blarecast Systems forward thinking and cutting edge. 

Our Experience

As a fledgling technology company, Blarecast Systems is currently working with some of the leading blockchain and software firms in the world. The synergy of these collaborations has paved the way for greater reach of opportunity within many different industry verticals. 

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Meet the team

Perspective. Achievement. Leadership.

A team with a singular vision to bring security, immutability, and peace of mind

to your business and customers. 

Shem Booth-Spain

Co-Founder and CEO

Chief Visionary of Blarecast Systems

Independent Artist

Singer/Songwriter/Sound Designer

Author and seasoned cultivator

12+ years in sales/marketing 

Luke Mayernik.jpg

Luke Mayernik

Co-Founder and COO

Supervisor of Blarecast Systems 

Industry represented artist and composer

Award winning organist/composer/improviser

Works published with many distinguished firms



Philip Vecht

Chief Strategist, Advisor 

Founded, managed, and directed

UK’s largest non‐traditional, out-of-home,

Media & Experiential company (ADMEDIA)


Directed, spearheaded, and ran multiple campaigns for most major brands

including Coke, Unilever, Toyota, VW, Mars, Government, Proctor & Gamble. 

Ambassador for The League of Angels (Mayfair House, London)

Philip Vecht photo.jpg
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