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Solutions that are secure 

and provable, at scale. 

Easily manage customer metadata, 

tokenized assets, and secure job/task administration, 


all at enterprise level scale.

Customer Metadata Software





These are just a few of the many advantages that our patent pending technology can provide enterprise level businesses.


Based upon their activities, customers can not only make choices regarding their data consumption, but now they can monetize their data sets while maintaining their privacy.


Tokenized Assets

Our patent pending token solution makes the owning, licensing, selling, and the managing of rights and royalties for intangible assets (such as digital art/media) so much easier than the current systems available for content creators. Private tickets and other reward incentives are also available to customers. 

The possibilities are boundless.  

Secure and Provable Job/Task Administration

Your business thrives from your hard work.


You are dedicated to your business. 

Sometimes, there are tasks, jobs, and assignments (such as repairs or pre-check protocols) that need to be done for your business, and these tasks are out of your hands and in the hands of others.


How can you ensure the work is being done completely with the same dedication you give, without any corners being cut? 


Our patent pending technology can set your mind at ease. Integrating the Bitcoin SV ledger, our applications can show (verifiably, provably, and immutably) whether the largest job or smallest task has been completed. 


Authenticity, security, and peace of mind-- 

You and your business deserve nothing less. 


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